The Sculptors Guild is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Natural objects speak a language of their own, which is independent of any artistic style developed by man. By capturing these forms and textures directly, and using them in combination with each other to concentrate their innate power, searching for affinities, mating one with another and combining them into works of art, I feel I'm becoming conversant in their aesthetic language, which is at the root of our innate sense of beauty.†

I use technological tools like 3D scanners, which capture the surface topology of the specimens, modeling software that lets me manipulate it, and computer-controlled carving machines and 3D printers that can bring these composite creations into physical reality. By using these methods rather than constructing art pieces from castings by hand, as I used to, I'm freed from certain constraints of scale, orientation, and proportion, and enabled to meld these constituent forms fluidly, as dictated by the inner logic of the structures and patterns I'm exploring and the nature of the materials I employ.