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Colin Chase

In my work, I juxtapose ideas, systems, forms and textures then nestle them in incongruent combinations. I attempt to combine those elements to evoke a cohesive presence. I invite the viewer in for closer scrutiny, with the hope that the multiple sections will surrender their individual histories and reveal a resonating core, which sets the stage for the viewer’s narratives to unfold.

"Elegy #2"  47" x 42" x 42"

 cotton, wood, steel, glass, brass.  

Photo: Beckett Logan

"For navigation in the Bush of Ghosts #26"

50" x 34" x 36", Brass, tin, aluminum, steel, plastic, nylon, mixed media patina.   

"Talking Stick" Primer 94" x 15" x 15",

Repurposed patined fir, pine, mahogany. (djembe), steel, wax.  Photo: Mark Woods

Story board: Concrete poem study in 3 movements, A, B & C. 

81" x 16" x 16" (each) 

Birch. Photo: Mark Woods


"Anvil of dreams" 132" x 96" x 36"

Steel hoops, wood, nylon nets, baby Nike sneakers, feathers.

"Buoy"  83" x 34" x 32" 

 Steel, sand, graphite, milk paint.

"Time, My Parting Friend" 

67" x 20" x 18"

Drift wood, steel anvils, sand.

"Talking stick" Ponopono, 108" x 8.75" x 8"

Cedar raw patined and repurposed

  Photo: Mark Woods