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Lin Emery

My sculptures are kinetic, and natural forces (wind, water, magnets) set them in motion. The forms are derived from nature and the dance echoes the movement we see everywhere around us. The elements are linked together, each influencing the others, so that the choreography they perform is endlessly varied. 
Knight Oil Tools, Inc, Lafayette, LA: height: 24' x orbit 10'
Amhurst Lake Park, Waukegan, IL: 4 element, height: 36' each x orbit 20'
Sandler Center for Performing Arts, Virginia Beach, VA: height 22' x orbit 21'
Private collection, New Orleans, LA: height: 12' x orbit 10'
Terminus Development, Atlanta, GA: height 30' x orbit 14'
University of Houston, TX: height 16' x orbit 12'