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Carole Feuerman

“All of my life, making art has been my passion. As I have experienced life, the forms that my work has taken have evolved and deepened and my love for creating has endured. I want my art to inspire the viewer to look closely at what stands before them. One never knows what’s in the mind, even when there is a smile on one’s face. It is not the fleeting moment that I try to capture, but the universal feeling caught in that fleeting moment.

I want the viewer to complete the story, to reflect and feel touched. If this connection could be for eternity, it would be my masterpiece.”

Carole A. Feuerman is acknowledged as one of the world’s most prominent hyperrealist sculptors. Working in resin, marble and bronze, Feuerman sculpts life-size, monumental and miniature works that encompass a trompe-l’oeil technique. In her resin work, she treats each piece as a 3-dimensional canvas, applying multiple layers of paint and finishing with her signature water droplets. Working in molten metals, she has also developed her own unique methodology of sculpting which she calls “painting with fire”.

Feuerman is represented by galleries worldwide and has had six museum retrospectives to date. Among the notable honors she has received are the Amelia Peabody Award, the Betty Parsons Award, the Lorenzo de Medici Prize, and first prizes at the 2008 Beijing Biennale and Beijing Olympics Fine Arts Exhibition. Her work is included in the selected collections of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among others. For more information please visit

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Silver Venus
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