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Alison Helm

My work serves as a documented history of how I see and transform visual information as I search for meaning. The work provides a refracted mirror and a window into my soul. The viewer can experience my explorations into the human condition and it’s cultural context. I am amused by life’s complexities and contradictions.   The objects and intuitively created mark a passing of time, a record of every experience and an imprint of life from my unique perspective.   I am fascinated with nature, its mysteries, spirituality, relationships and inspiring intangibles like love and beauty. My work attempts to reconcile the tensions between nature and culture, by distilling, filtering and transforming personal observations into symbols and multilayered accumulations of parts that make up the whole. Using symbols together in one unified format, I am able to create new images which, in turn, take on new meaning.


I respond to a vast variety of materials and work fluidly to employ the most appropriate materials for the concept. I am interested in examining contrasting notions such as: movement vs. stability; illusion vs. reality; formal construction vs. chaos; function vs. non function; organic vs. geometric; strength vs. fragility; working together to create a symbolic language of harmony, space and personal philosophical vision.


The wall reliefs express wonder and excitement of creation as I attempt to mimic some sense of its beauty. Questions are raised for the viewer to ponder. What makes nature so glorious and mysterious?   What causes chemistry between some people and not others? The sky is magnificent with its great expanses and bursts of light. By contrast, the subtle glow of energy felt by holding hands is quite different from a lightning bolt generated from the sky, and water rushing out of a stainless steel opening, expressing the rush and wave of power and chemistry between two hands.


I wanted the sky in “ Mysterious Galaxy” to open up the imagination and point to the lusciousness of nature.   I believe there is a veil into unknown worlds that cannot be seen with our eyes but with our imaginations. I wanted a variety of small details in nature to be contrasted with the enormous galaxies at sunset which, to me, is the most inspirational time of day.


The Delicious Consumption Series symbolically ponders our use of energy.   Our Society and particularly West Virginia, depends upon coal for energy.   We rapidly consume it as if it were delicious candy.   We have been told that coal can be green or environmentally conscious, but is this true? By juxtaposing the carved wood and gold or silver leafed candy wrapper and the cast resin coal, mass produced, suggests to the viewer that we do consume coal at a rapid pace. Coal=energy, candy=energy, it’s an insatiable desire. However, is candy real food? Are there alternatives? Should we not seek more alternative fuels instead, or will greed consume us? Will we remain “EVER-GREEN”? What is the cost of addiction? What is the cost in lives for the extraction of coal? I do not take sides on the issue, but pose questions visually, to encourage the viewer to consider their own viewpoints on energy consumption.