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Elaine Lorenz

I recently came across a statement by Frank Lloyd Wright, which could have been a guiding mantra for my own work:

 “study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”


In a world filled with disorder and clamor of people and machinery I find refuge and balance by experiencing the power and beauty in the natural world. My first introduction to sculpture may well have been the carved rocks my father carried up from our stream and placed in the garden. Naturally carved geological formations certainly provided the abstract influence on the core of my work.


Traveling often becomes a search to see sculptured rocks, canyons and caves; these water and wind created spaces are intriguing, spiritual and mysterious to me. I often create an enclosure or sanctuary of some sort, frequently produced with the use of several forms. Sometimes the sculptures are large enough to enter in reality. In other work the spaces can only be entered through the mind’s eye.


My connections with the earth as a hiker and a gardener bring me joy and feelings of renewal. Both are expressed in my different series of sculpture. The idea of two or more parts working together in a dialogue remains interesting to me. I utilize space and the juxtaposition of forms to evoke relationships, emotions and connections.


Cut Away, Stoneware Clay/ Oxide stain, 16" h x 12 x 6.5
Blues Rhythm, Stoneware/Acrylic Patina, 56” h x 25 x 16
Élan Vital, Fiberglass/ Resin/ Steel, 96”h x 48” x 56”
New World, Fiberglass/Resin, 58” h x 44 x 22
Sandblasted, Stoneware Clay/ Acrylic Stain, 18.75" h x 10 x 8
Eye to the Future, Fiberglass Reinforced Cement, 72"h x 24" x 12"