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Donna McCullough

The dress sculptures of Donna McCullough are expressions in contrast. Steel, scrap metal, and found objects (often industrial) are forged into feminine silhouettes, lacking only the flesh-and-blood women whose presence they suggest.

McCullough’s work was born of  navigating the corporate world — a kind of armor that women need to do battle. But over the years the pieces have begun both to explore the female psyche more broadly and on occasion to memorialize female influences in her own life. 

She works in series, one of which is the  “Drill Team," a whimsical rendition of cheerleading uniforms displaying vintage oil-can logos and graphics. Another, "Garden Girls", is influenced by her connection with natural world.

In 2012, McCullough received the “Recognition of Excellence” Award from the James Renwick Alliance, a national nonprofit that supports the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery, celebrating the achievements of America’s craft artists. She has exhibited at the Corcoran Museum of Art, the Art Museum of the Americas, the Hickory Museum of Art, the International Museum of the Horse, the Grounds for Sculpture, and the United States Botanic Garden.

"Zoey"  54"x17"x13"  Steel.
"Team Gulf XHD"  50"x15"x14"  Vintage oil cans and steel.
"Betty by the Bay"  56"x24"x17"  Steel, aluminum screening.
"Candyland"  15"x16"x10" Vintage candy tins, wood base.
"Miss Wearwell"  56"x19"x14"  Vintage oil can, metal screening and steel.
"Looking to Spring"  59"x24"x19"  Steel.
"Midsummer"  57"x20"19"  Steel, aluminum screening.
"Belle Epoche"  12"x36"x13"  Steel, wood base.