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The Sculptors Guild is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

"American Twist”


Small Works & Installations

Antenna Gallery

3718 St Claude Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70117

March 11- April 2, 2017

Sculptors Guild addresses a timely theme with diverse works

New York City-based Sculptors Guild, celebrating 80 years as one of the first artist-run nonprofit organizations in NY, is thrilled to present “American Twist,” a group exhibition of members’ small works and installations at Antenna Gallery, 3718 St Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117, from March 11- April 2, 2017.

In this unprecedented presidential election year, the Sculptors Guild collective chose the theme “American Twist.” The works reflect the thoughts and visions of 37 member artists on the subject of America now. This work was exhibited at the Guild’s 9th annual exhibition at Governors Island, NYC, and has traveled as an artist exchange with Antenna Gallery.

Many of the works were created expressly for “American Twist” and contain a subtle or powerful punch. Symbols of America are transformed into meaningful comments on current events, often evoking the contentious presidential race. One theme that reverberates throughout the entire show is the repetition of symbols that have been twisted, altered, and refashioned to make salient points.

The range of work in the exhibition reflects the diversity of Sculptors Guild membership, revealing remarkable combinations of materials and techniques, from traditional wood and metals to neon and 3D prints. Guild members designed their work to be travel-sized—fitting specific parameters—in preparation for this exhibition in Louisiana

Featured Artists:
June Ahrens, Ginger Andro and Chuck Glicksman, Mark Attebery, Caroline Bergonzi, Meg Bloom, Gilbert Boro, Colin Chase, Irene Christensen, Marilyn Davidson, Lin Emery, Irene Gennaro, Janet Goldner, Lannie Hart, Sarah Haviland, Paul Higham, Lucy Hodgson, Eve Ingalls, Stephen Keltner, Brigid Kennedy, Elizabeth Knowles, Pavel Kraus, Coral Penelope Lambert, Thea Lanzisero, Eric Laxman, Conrad Levenson, Elaine Lorenz, Gay Malin, Vera Manzi-Schacht, Elizabeth McCue, Betty McGeehan, Lisa E. Nanni, Diane Pepe, Sawyer Rose, Margherita Serra, Alvin Sher, and Michael Wolf

Currently 80, Curated by John Yau
February 5, 2017 thru February 24, 2017

Westbeth Gallery, 55 Bethune St, New York, NY 10014

Excerpted from John Yau’s essay for the Sculptors Guild Catalog “Currently 80”
“Each sculpture embodies a different vision of the world, of the past, present, and future. Some of the sculptures are whimsical: others touch on the tragic. The sculptors present a span of human emotions as wide as the range of their materials, shaped by the mind as much as by the hand. “
…”this exhibition of works by members of the Sculptors Guild at Westbeth… should serve as a healthy reminder of the importance of the relationship between independence and community. Neither can exist without the other, which is something we should never lose sight of. “
Highlighted former members work on view include Louise Nevelson, Jose de Creeft, Chaim Gross, Jean Woodham, Michael Malpass

Current Guild Members work on view include:

Andro & Glicksman

June Ahrens

Mark Attebery

Richard Barnet

Susan Beallor-Snyder

Caroline Bergonzi

Meg Bloom

Gibert Boro

Colin Chase

Irene Christensen

Marilyn Davidson

Mary Annella Mimi Frank

Irene Gennaro

J. T. Gibson

Janet Goldner

Gail Goldsmith

Armando Guiller

Lannie Hart

Sarah Haviland

Paul Higham

Lucy Hodgson

Eve Ingalls

Howard Kalish

Stephen Keltner

Brigid  Kennedy

E Knowles

Pavel Kraus

Coral Penelope Lambert

Thea Lanzisero

Eric David Laxman

Conrad Levenson

Robert Loebell

Elaine Lorenz

Vera Manzi-Schacht

Betty McGeehan

Gina Miccinilli

Elizabeth Miller McCue

Lisa Nanni

Kenneth Payne

Jessica Ramirez

Sawyer Rose

Arlene Rush

Renata Manasse Schwebel

Alvin Sher

Emil Silberman

Robert Smith

Brigitta Varadi

Martha Walker

Andrew Werby

Michael Wolf

For Artwork Images view here.

About Transformation:

Transformations are everywhere. from the climate to the cosmos, from

economics to the social and political. Transformations ignite the

magic and alchemy that is the very essence of the artists' work,

presenting new ways of seeing, making, and experiencing.

Presented on Governors Island

38 artists from the Sculptors Guild

An exhibition of Transformation

The artists exploring these changes use a diverse range of media and approaches, reflecting

the tools and materials that technology has made available, and incorporating diverse materials of video, sound, scent, recycled

materials, gems, wood, steel, cement, and the like.

The work is presented in five galleries in five individually themed

shows. These themes express different aspects of transformation by

delving into issues of everyday significance, revealed in physical

structures, objects, and mixed-media installations as a pathway for


Balancing Act: seeking a point between opposing forces

Broken Lines: geometric distortion and motion

Organicity: observations of change in the heart of nature

Poetry & Prose: transformative sculpture expressing the power of


Upcycle: innovative relationships between the natural, the

artificial, and the overlooked

Transformation also includes a New Members Gallery, outdoor works, and the Artist Residency

Artists in the exhibition:

Ginger Andro & Chuck Glicksman, Richard Barnet, Meg Bloom, Colin

Chase, Fay Chin, Elise Church, Irene Gennaro, George Goodridge,

Michelle Greene, Mikhail Gubin, Yasmin Gur, Lannie Hart, Sarah

Haviland, Lucy Hodgson, Eve Ingalls, David Judelson, Stephen Keltner,

Bernard Klevickas, Thea Lanzisero, Eric David Laxman, Conrad

Levenson, Rob Loebell, Elaine Lorenz, David Mandel, Elizabeth Miller

McCue, Betty McGeehan, Adrian Morina, Maximilian Pelzmann, Laura

Petrovich-Cheney, John Powers, Stefanie Rocknak, Marguerita Serra,

Emil Silberman, Robert Michael Smith, Tmima, Martha Walker, Xinggang

Wang, Michael Wolf.