The Sculptors Guild is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


In my work, space becomes 

something that can be vigorously

experienced and defined

by mass and volume to create the

impression of silence or movement.


The material I use in my

sculptures, metal,wood,fabric,

paper and stone, come from

N.Y. State and the surrounding

areas of my studio.  I assemble

and build individual sculptures.

All sculptures are original.


Tmima is a NewYork based

and international known sculptor

whose works are included in many

museums and private collections

throughout the world.



The Guardian: 2014, Wood, Metal, Styrofoam, Paper. 

Open Door: 2012, Paper, Wood, Metal, Stone, Fabric.  27.5"x9.5"x8"

Smile, 2014; wood, metal, plastic. 61"x10.5"x6"
Man in Black, 2014; wood, metal, fabric, hair.73"x14"x11"
American Dream: 2014, Wood, Metal, Plaster, Wire.  29.5"x12.5"x10"

Travel Journal, 2014; wood, metal, stone, bone, hay, fabric, paper, leather. 32"x11"x9" 
Passing Through, 2014; wood, metal, fabric, leather, paper. 75"x11.5"x10" 

Outside the Box, 2014; wood, metal, rubber, paper. 59"x12.5"x10"