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Monika Zarzeczna

The overlapping theme in my sculptures is how we value and relate to objects: our handling, arranging and rituals around them. How much energy we spend on this daily. How we view sculptures.

The esthetic language for my work developed from regular encounters in my neighborhood with discarded, devalued objects like outdated TVs and kids’ toys or parts of cars and home appliances (that emit a sense of abandonment) as well as sightings of thrift and control in repurposed items.


I work back and forth from sketches and use discarded cardboard, wood, metal, string, paper and acrylic paint. Creating shapes that look amputated or fragment-like, I look for an air of a lost purpose. I am interested in this ambiguity becoming the new identity for the sculptures. To pull my work into this realm, I add ‘real’ objects, like pieces of furniture or found washers or play around with tension and gravity, positioning my work as though it’s temporary. As though it is holding its breath.

The surface of the sculptures is mostly painted so that it resembles residual stains or static, to convey moods or the feel of specific spaces. It is not important for me, however to make these feelings or spaces directly recognizable. I want the viewer to slow down and look to have visceral rather than an intellectual response.